Celebrate Valentine’s Day YOUR WAY, Mamas!

It’s FebYOUary and I want you to put self-care center-stage this month, mamas! Valentine’s Day can often feel like a drag but it’s also an opportunity to put your needs first. You are the rock of your family, thinking about everyone else before yourself. It’s time to embrace a little self-love.

First, you must make Valentine’s Day your day and take control of it. If you don’t, you may feel disappointed, and nobody wants to feel disappointed on the day of love. Remember, your partner is not a mindreader nor is he your knight in shining armor sweeping in to rescue you. So you must communicate your wants and desires clearly in advance by giving your partner a list of ideas. These can be either gifts or experiences (or both) that will make you feel loved and appreciated. Own it! Here are some GIT Mom recommended ideas for a Valentine’s Day all about YOU:

Book Into A Hotel ALONE To Recharge Your Batteries

It’s okay to be selfish on Valentine’s Day because there is nothing better than giving yourself the present of self-love. I recommend booking into a hotel room alone, lounging around in a cozy white robe, and basking in the glory of silence!  Then read trashy magazines, watch a movie and claim your sleep without any nighttime intruders. If you are a new mama, this will be the best Valentine’s ever – the gift of sleep and silence!

Request A “No Kids Allowed” Day 

This is all about getting happy mommy time because there is truly nothing better than escaping the demands of motherhood by clocking off to rest and recuperate. Make a plan for the weekend and have your partner take the kids out for the day, so you can do something luxurious like treating yourself to an in-home massage, or having a nap. Let your kids know mom is punching out from the mom job today!

If you are a single mom don’t be afraid to lean on your village – ask grandparents or siblings to help out. You could even set-up a babysitting swap with a like-minded mom friend and take turns celebrating Valentine’s Day with the person you really should love the most – YOU.

Hire Help to Escape The Merry-Go-Round

Extend Valentine’s Day beyond just Thursday and ask your partner to organize outside help like a meal-delivery service or housekeeper. The constant cook – clean – cook – clean merry-go-round we have to endure as moms is exhausting and boring! Parenting can feel very repetitive sometimes so get rid of the mom guilt, hire up and allow someone not in your family to take care of you.

Break The Rules

This is the perfect day to loosen up the parenting reigns because, remember, without you mom, your family would not exist. Do something indulgent like spend the day snuggling your kids while eating chocolate hearts for breakfast, take the kids to McDonald’s so you don’t have to cook, or allow unlimited screen time so you can get some quiet time. Remove the daily power struggles just for a day so you can relax, snuggle up, and love your family.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on Valentine’s Day to make it special. Self-love empowers you to love others even more. Remember, happy mommy equals happy family so hop on the self-love train!

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