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Sweet Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Focus on Family: Reducing Holiday Stress

Midday Fix: Moms Meet WOW Summit

Focus o
n Family: Reducing Holiday Stress

Midday Fix: Moms Meet WOW Summit


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GIT Mom’s Gift Ideas

How To Talk About Violence With Kids

Getting Through The Summer with Eirene Heidelberger


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gitmom on fox chicago

The GIT Mom Book – Free Sample Chapter

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Kids & Social Media

GIT Mom Discusses Kids & Social Media on NBC.


Parenting Resolutions

GIT Mom and her Kids talk about parenting resolutions for the new year!


Stress Free Mornings!

GIT Mom Discusses getting things together to avoid stress in the mornings.


“Spring Cleaning” Your Kids

GIT Mom Discusses getting your kids involved in spring cleaning, together with properly setting goals for your kids.


Helicopter or Free-Range Moms

GIT Mom Discusses the differences between Helicopter and Free Range Parenting!


Giving Teachers Gifts for the holidays?

GIT Mom Eirene Heidelberger weighs in on this on Fox News Chicago


Dealing with the Power Struggles at Thanksgiving time


How to get your child to do their homework without yelling


How to prevent your kids from having candy meltdowns on Halloween


GIT Mom on “Staying Human” with a Newborn


Eirene Talks About Mom Peer Pressure


Eirene shares her no nonsense tips for getting kids to do chores


5 Tips For How not to over schedule your kids


Eirene shares her stress free travel tips with kids

Access the full video transcript here.


Eirene provides valuable advice and tips for parents travelling with their children.


Eirene talks about the upcoming Spring Break

Access the video transcript

GIT Mom talks about how challenging Spring Break can be for both parents and kids.


Eirene joins Good Day Chicago to give tips for carving out “Me Time” for Moms!


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