eirene heidelbergerEirene Heidelberger is a certified parent coach with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the President & CEO of GIT Mom, a full-service parent coaching firm dedicated to helping Moms “Get It Together.”

The GIT Mom system is the only system that focuses on the mom, rather than the kids, allowing Moms to give their children the parenting they need so they have time to do the activities they most enjoy! GIT Mom will teach you how to parent more efficiently so that you have more “me” time.

The journey to becoming GIT Mom was not a simple one. Eirene’s oldest son, Cole, was not an easy baby. As a clueless first-time mom, Eirene was anxious and stressed and she missed her pre-baby life. “I had a pit in my stomach until my first son was 6 months old. During that time, I was constantly worried about him and knew I wasn’t handling motherhood well. While I wish that I had the skills right off the bat to properly sleep train him, get him on a schedule, and hire a babysitter without feeling guilty, I recognize that going through that brutal learning process is what made me the knowledgeable and confident GIT Mom that I am today.”

When Cole was 9 months old, Eirene committed to doing things differently. She learned to compartmentalize Cole’s crying and her irrational need to “do it all”. She perfected a sleep schedule and carved out personal time in her weekly schedule. These small adjustments were just the seeds of the GIT Mom system, which now is being used full-time by moms around the country.

Today, Eirene assists moms with every type of parenting issue, such as sleep training, scheduling, returning back to work, and teaching kids the value of listening and respecting others. All with the ultimate goal of empowering moms to be happy, confident, guilt-free parents. Because if mama isn’t happy, then no-one is!

In addition to running GIT Mom, Eirene is happily married and has three sons. With the GIT Mom system in full effect she has plenty of family time, but still gets her work-out in, drinks her beloved wine and watches plenty of the Real Housewives.

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