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Being a GIT Mom is a mindset and this book is your manual.

Want to know the secrets to being a happy and confident Mom? It all starts with putting the ME in MomME!

Eirene is the founder of GIT Mom, a full-service parent coaching and advice company, that empowers moms to “Get It Together.” Eirene, the original GIT Mom, is the only parenting coach in the country who advocates for moms to put their needs first.

She is the proud mom to three boys who constantly draw compliments from friends and strangers alike for their great attitudes and behavior. Over the last 16 years, she’s developed fail-proof systems for navigating everything from sleep training to sibling rivalry to a teenager’s mood swings. And now she travels all over the country sharing her philosophy and practical tools with moms and moms-to-be so that they, too, can raise happy, healthy children.

As moms, you are leaders of your families, and your children learn from your example. When you make an effort to feel balanced and fulfilled, you teach your children how to do the same. When you are happy, you show them how to be happy. When you are calm, they feel safe and secure. Moms, it all starts with you!

Think of Eirene as your very own mom cheerleader (pompons included) who gets you through the tough days of parenting. You’ll learn her simple 1-2-3 tools to help you be your happiest, most confident self, so that your kids can be, too!

You will get happy! You will love your family life!
We have a 100% success rate and have never failed a family in
Getting It Together.

Eirene is Your
Parenting Partner

Every mom needs their own personal cheerleader and with Eirene’s guidance and support you’ll feel happy and confident in your parenting.

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