The Cyber Monday GIT Mom Top 5 Registry Items

Becoming a new mom is daunting; there is so much to think about and so much to BUY!! While the shopping part can be fun, it can also be overwhelming. Having a baby registry can really ease the burden. But what should you put on it? Well, here are my GIT Mom top 5 items for every baby registry, just in time for Cyber Monday!

The Ultimate Stroller

Every new mom needs a stroller and the new MINU compact stroller from UPPAbaby should be your primary and only stroller! It fits children from newborn to 50 lbs., and it’s lightweight, compact and weighs just 14.8 lbs., which makes it easy to lift or carry with a shoulder strap (included!). UPPAbaby MINU is perfect for city adventurers,  and also ideal for small cars and small apartments. It can be used as an everyday stroller or a lightweight stroller for travel.

Uppababy Stroller – New compact stroller, the MINU.
Sells for $399.99

The Ultimate Car Seat

We love the new Chicco NextFit iX Zip Convertible Car Seat because it has a SuperCinch LATCH system that makes it possible for anyone to do a rock-solid installation in less than 1 minute. Chicco has really gone out on a limb to design and engineer a seat that is very easy for parents and caregivers to use correctly, and equally difficult to misuse if you’re actually making an attempt to “do it right.” This is a very good quality, high-end car seat. The premium padding is the ultimate icing on the cake.

Chicco – NextFit iX Zip Convertible Car Seat 
Sells for $299.99

The Ultimate Night Time Accessory

At GIT Mom we are all about healthy sleep habits, and the #2 most important part of this recipe (DM me for #1) is a sound machine. Help your child enjoy a full night of peaceful sleep with the Dohm dual-speed sound machine. Its single-switch operation is user friendly, only weighing 1.6 lbs., which makes it super easy to pack for quiet nights away from home.

White Noise Machine from Marpac Dohm Elite
Sells for $49.95

The Ultimate Bottle Collection

Every new mom needs baby bottles ready and waiting at home! I can’t say this enough. I encounter way too many moms trying to regain some semblance of their old life, struggling to carve out “Me Time,” or a date night or simply wanting to return back to work and struggle because they are the sole source of nourishment. Even an exclusively breastfed baby needs to take a bottle so mommy can leave baby with a caregiver, otherwise mommy is forever attached to her child and will never be able to Get It Together. At GIT Mom we say, “Fed is best!” So, be prepared!

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Newborn Bottle Gift Set is a popular starter set. It includes five bottles with two nipple types, an assortment of caps and cleaning brushes. Dr. Brown’s is known for their patented venting system, designed to prevent air bubbles from being swallowed (similar to breastfeeding). This helps reduce burping, gas, spit-up and even colic. This vacuum-free effect also ensures all the essential nutrients in milk and formula are preserved. Not into plastic? Dr. Brown’s makes great glass bottles, too.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Newborn Bottle Gift Set
Sells for $23.49

The Ultimate High Chair

The iconic Stokke highchairs remain a firm favorite for new moms, and I really can’t blame them. Their highchairs and seating solutions are designed to bring your child closer for bonding. Stokke offers two styles of highchairs, steps and Tripp Trapp both offering comfortable seating that grows with your baby, ensuring proper ergonomics at every age. And they look so pretty. Interior design bonus!

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair
From $249

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