Summer Swim Fun with Goldfish Swim School 

Summer is here and the top of everyone’s “Summer Fun” list is swimming! My family and I love the water but for safety reasons I’ve always wanted to get the boys swimming at a young age. Enter Goldfish Swim School!

Goldfish Swim School is a family-run business and their team is devoted to making sure that all kids have the opportunity to learn to swim, while also learning fundamental water safety skills. I loved watching Wells, my 5 year old, gain strength and make real progress from the comfort of my viewing chair while I grabbed 30 minutes of “momME” time relaxing.

Goldfish Swim School is the only Chicago-area swim school that offers “make up” classes. So it’s handy to know you are not losing out on your investment should you not be able to make it to one of the classes. A GIT Mom approved #momhack!

So don’t hesitate to sign up your kids for a lesson at Goldfish Swim School. There is nothing more important than water safety in order to have FUN this summer with your family.

GIT Mom recommended!!


Kids can see who their swim teacher is to feel comfortable before the begin a lesson

Air conditioned viewing gallery for parents to get off “Mommy Island” to relax
Clean changing rooms and showers to quickly take your kids from the car to the pool and back home exercised and clean
Kids love the facility because it’s a fun and exciting tropical environment. A mini kids staycation
Heated to a tropical 90 degrees year round
State-of-the-art water purification system to keep the pool clean and sanitary
Even a glam station



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