Steps to Better Parenting

It is never too late to be a better parent to help your child learn how to cope with many of life’s choices. Though parenting is a fulfilling and rewarding job, it can be very tough especially for moms and dads who are often unprepared. There are steps parents can take through childbearing years to ensure their children have a healthy environment for growing.

better parenting

Be Nurturing

In the first few weeks and months of life, your child began developing their true sense of who they are by viewing themselves through your eyes. They develop their self-esteem throughout their entire young life through your voice and body language.

Every expression you make, good or bad, is absorbed and recorded by your children. Your parenting actions, words and behaviors affect the development of their self-esteem more than any other factor in their life. Because of that, a confident and nurturing parent can go a long way in making your child a better person.

When you praise your child for any large or small accomplishment, it makes them proud, stronger and more capable to handle life. Avoid belittling them with hurtful comments or making an unfavorable comparison of their actions to another child. Choose the words you say to your child carefully. Remember they have a tender soul and require compassion. Allow them to make mistakes and never make a weapon with poorly chosen words that could cause a crushing blow to their sense of self.

See the Good in Your Child

While it is easy to make a long list of all the negative things your child did in any given day, have you ever made a list of all the things they do good? Often times it is far easier to criticize a young child and provide a compliment. Imagine going to work every day and dealing with continuous negative guidance from your boss, even if they provide well-intended direction to make you a better worker? You would feel beaten down and think, “What is the point of my working hard?”

Instead of listing the negatives, offer encouragement and acknowledgment every time you see the good in your child. Praise them for doing their homework without being asked or when being patient with others in difficult situations. Noce your child’s every day behavior! Approaching life through encouragement produces good behavior much easier than repeat scolding. Approach the child with rewards that include complements, hugs and lots of love.

Unconditional Love

As your child’s parent, you are given the responsibility to guide and correct them at every step along the way. How you choose to express your guidance to your children will determine how they receive it. Being a better parent means showing that your love is unconditional. Show that your guidance does not involve criticism, blame, faultfinding or confrontation.

You can be a better parent through nurturing and encouragement using firm, yet loving, discipline. It is important your child understands that you expect them to behave or respond better the next time. However, no matter what they do, your children must know that the love you provide every moment of the day is unconditional and will always be there for them.

Focus on family problems that require your attention and attempt to avoid fixing every problem at once. With the right tools, love and compassion, you can make the job of better parenting manageable.

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