Mom Shaming Hurts Only When You Let It

2016-09-03-1472934014-8596295-shutterstock_312788483-thumb-1“Hey Judgy Judy! Yeah, you over there watching me, texting your friend about me or muttering under your breath to the other moms at school pick-up about me and rushing to make inaccurate judgements over how I look, what I’m doing, saying or even worse what my kid is saying or doing.” Well, listen up ladies ‘cause you’re messing with the wrong woman here because I truly do not give a sh$t about you or your opinion. WHAT THE WHAT?! Huh? You don’t understand? Let me break it down for you missy, your mean words don’t bother me in the slightest because I simply will not allow them to enter my inner sanctum of happy. Nope.

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