Tips to Help Mom Maintain Sanity This Summer

Create A Summer Schedule & Stick To It

Schedule is everything over the summer months. You should not abandon your routine. First, have a family meeting and talk about all the fun things you want to do in the next couple of months. Consult with your kids. Ask them what places they want to visit and book as much as possible in advance. Plan in your vacations and experiences so the whole family can see what is coming up, but also what free time they have to relax. Including your kids in the planning will help them feel in control, and they will assume ownership over their own time.

It’s summertime and the kids are off of school. This often means one thing – survival mode for 12 weeks! But it doesn’t have to be a time of dread and overwhelm, mamas. With these following tips, you can Get It Together and rock the summer months as a family:

Don’t forget to include kids’ chores and homework in this schedule, otherwise the summer brain drain will hit. You need to give your children age-appropriate responsibilities and be sure those things are taken care of each day. The best time for chores and household responsibilities are first thing in the morning when your child’s focus is at its freshest.  Help your children understand that when things are in order at home, it leaves more time for your family to do all the fun things summer has to offer.

Arrange Babysitting Swaps with Friends

Lean on your village! If your kids are old enough to be dropped off for a playdate, then do it. In exchange, tell your mom friend that she can drop her kids at your house for an afternoon. Chances are the kids will entertain one another and you can get on with your work. Get everyone out of your house all at once and embrace the peace!

Let Go of Guilt

Sometimes it is okay to be in survival mode and get through the day. Don’t feel like you must always be doing something, all of the time. Relax and roll with it. I promise your kids are thriving! They may occasionally whine, “I’m bored.”  Who cares! There will be days where they have to figure out their own entertainment and that’s ok. It teaches them life skills and encourages creativity. Every day won’t be perfect. Let go of the guilt and let your kids get on with it.

Demand Balance For Yourself!

Don’t do it all yourself, all the time. Every time I get the bright idea to do everything I just burn out. I call this Camp Mommy, which ends up being amazing for everyone but not for me because I entertain everyone all day. I never get anything else done or even have a second to breathe. It sucks.

I recommend you communicate with your partner and delegate responsibility. What can he do to support the family over the summer months? How can you divide up responsibilities? Also consider hiring up. You cannot be your kids only source of entertainment. Don’t hesitate to hire mother’s helpers, college students, or babysitters. This way you can carve out solo time.

You need to escape from your kids and check out. Do whatever makes you feel refreshed – hiking, having coffee with a friend, reading a book, taking a bubble bath, wine or a girls night out. The reality is, if a mom is rested and feels happy because she’s taking care of herself, the family home will flow and be Zen instead of filled with yelling and chaos.

Get A Mantra

Create a mantra you can recite to yourself on tough days. Mine is, “I’m a really good mommy.” I’m not bragging. It’s the truth because my kids are happy and thriving. At least once a day I think to myself, “Hot damn, you’re a good mommy!” And you know what? I listen to myself, I respect my words, and believe in them. 

Positivity feeds positivity so when I do suck at parenting I pick myself up quickly and turn the situation around. I move on instead of wallowing and wasting precious time second-guessing the situation.

Let’s stick together and rock this summer. You got this, mamas!

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