How To Be A Confident Woman

Being a confident woman is part of being a confident MomI want to talk about how to be a confident woman which will then turn you into a confident mom.

I guarantee if you parent confidently your children will listen and respect you. If you parent weakly they will ignore you and do whatever they feel like doing instead. So, let’s not be meek, let’s be strong!

GIT Tip #1 to grow mommy confidence:

Remove self-doubt! What are you worrying about? Face it head on and throw it out of your life. Research shows confidence trumps competence as a quality of success. So whatever dumb statement you say to your kids stand behind it and don’t back down.

GIT Tip #2 to grow mommy confidence:

Take risks!

When you find yourself in unfamiliar situations push yourself, stop listening to your self-doubts and scared feelings.

Strike up chit chat with a stranger
Give a compliment to a passerby
Walk into a room with a smile and strong posture and I guarantee others will be attracted to you

Re-wire your brain and consciously grown your confidence zone!

GIT Tip #3 to grow mommy confidence:

Take it easy on yourself. When you worry and second guess yourself like what you said, what you wore, what you did, who did what, who is going to do what, what may happen, what could happen, oh my god, the sky is falling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stress and self-esteem are linked, when you worry you feel badly about yourself.

If you start beating yourself up tell yourself to cut it out.

GIT Tip #4 to grow mommy confidence:

If you find you’re holding back from doing something because you’re afraid of how you’ll be perceived by others say to yourself, “So what and who really cares.”

You’re spending too much time thinking that others are concerned with you as you think they are.

Trust me, they’re not.

Go for it!

Confident Mom and childGIT Tip #5 to grow mommy confidence:

Pretty yourself up. It’s that dumb and basic.

I’m not talking every day nor do I mean super model status because those freaks of nature don’t even look like they do in magazines in real life.

Put yourself together to feel special and remind yourself just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you’re dead and you still got it going on.

25-50% of confidence comes from our genes, the great news is you can grow the rest and be 100% or 99.9%.

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