The GIT Mom Sanity Must-Have For The Holiday Season!*

My name is Eirene, and I love to clean. There, I said it! Cleanliness calms me (I know, I’m nuts) and makes me feel like there is peace and order in my crazy family life. I have three boys so I need to (want to!) clean every day… however, I also love to spend time with my family and live life to the fullest. So, how do I do both? One of my favorite mom hacks is new PURELL® Multi Surface Disinfectant. It restores my sanity by allowing me to be a busy bee and a clean bee at the same time. It’s a must on the shopping-list, especially with the holiday season fast approaching.

Here are the reasons why I love to clean, and why PURELL Multi Surface Disinfectant is a life-saver in my home this holiday season:

A Clean Home Is A Zen Home

Rarely do I leave my house a wreck, even when this means getting up earlier than my kids to carve out time to recover my house after the morning rush. I often think, “Family, we’ve only been awake one hour yet it looks like a tornado blew through this place!” I clean mostly for myself, but I also do it to give my family a calm and Zen home in order to cut out chaos from the outside world. PURELL Multi Surface Disinfecting Spray helps me disinfect and clean surfaces quickly and easily, plus I can spray freely around the kids as there are no harsh chemicals or fumes to worry about!

Cleaning Is Good For Your Health

Hello winter! Goodbye germs! I’m very mindful during winter season to be extra vigilant with cleanliness. We keep PURELL Hand Sanitizer at our front and back doors and everyone gets a squirt each time they walk into the house. I get extra obsessive during the winter germ-fest and use PURELL Multi Surface Disinfectant to squirt door handles and surfaces. This new multi-surface disinfecting spray kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in just 30 seconds! Repeat after me, we will do everything we can to beat those winter bugs.

Cleaning Creates Team Work

Every morning in our home Daddy Heidelberger feeds our three boys breakfast so I can clean the house. We divide and conquer and share the parenting, so we can accomplish everything the household needs in order to maintain a calm and happy home. When the boys are getting ready for school, they know part of their chores is to clear some surfaces so I can spray away and wipe up their dirty boy germs. Cleaning is a family affair!

Cleaning GIT Tip – Keep the right cleaning tools in every key room to ensure disinfecting and cleaning is a fast and efficient job. I keep a bottle of PURELL Multi Surface Spray and paper towels/old rags in every key room. Time is of the essence!

PURELL® Brand is a Parent’s Best Friend (It disinfects everything!)

I have three boys who aren’t great with aiming (if you get my drift) so PURELL Multi Surface Disinfectant is always on standby to zap the bathroom. Nothing creeps me out more than peering into a sink and seeing bright green gooey toothpaste caked onto it. One swipe and voila! No toxic chemicals around the toothbrushes!

The disinfectant spray is worry-free around kids, pets and food. Moms can directly spray their child’s toys, pacifiers and high chair tables with this no-rinse formula. Don’t worry, PURELL Multi Surface Disinfectant is free of harsh fumes and chemicals, as well as toxic residue and meets the EPA’s Design for the Environment standard for sustainable products.

I know what my go-to sanity-restoring product is this holiday season!

The Science Behind Why PURELL Multi Surface Spray Is Awesome:

PURELL Multi Surface Disinfectant is a one-stop wonder, saving you time and money because it multitasks and can be used around your entire home. It’s revolutionary alcohol-based formula kills germs like bleach without harsh chemicals and irritating fumes. It works on food-contact surfaces, which gives you the peace of mind to use it just about anywhere. Also, no water is required! This means you don’t have to rinse the surface or object after spraying because there are no harmful chemicals.

PURELL Multi Surface Disinfectant is available online at, and In addition, it is available at select grocers: Publix, H-E-B, and Shoprite and at Harris Teeter in Jan 2018.

*This blog post is sponsored by GOJO, the makers of PURELL Multi Surface Disinfectant.

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