GIT Mom Recommended: Water Bottles For The Whole Family*

As my kids have grown older, we have gone through a multitude of drink cups. First baby bottles, then toddler cups, and then school cups. The constant transition has wasted time and money, and has not been a very ecologically friendly experience! Plus, most reusable water bottles get gross over time. This is why I was so pleased to discover Pura bottles, and I’m super excited to share this finding with you. Pura bottles are non-toxic, easy to clean, look cool, and last for years.

These are three main reasons why I love using Pura bottles in my home:

They Feel Good

Pura bottles feel good to the touch. The silicone sleeves make sure the bottle won’t slip out of small hands. This is especially useful if your child is at the “butter fingers” age! All Pura tops – from the Silicone Natural Vent Nipples™ to the Big Mouth® Silicone Sport Top – are 100% plastic, BPA, and toxin-free.

Pura bottle’s silicone straw can help baby transition from a bottle to a cup. Consider introducing your baby to the Pura Kiki® 5oz Infant Bottle with Sleeve at around 6 months.

Pura bottles are easy to clean and sanitize thanks to their large mouth. Especially in the middle of winter when kids are bringing cold and flu bugs in from school and play! All silicone and non-insulated stainless-steel components are dishwasher safe, too.

They Look Good

The bright colors make identifying which Pura bottle belongs to which kid super easy. They’re also great options for tweens and teens who don’t want playful, babyish patterns.  You can buy silicone sleeves in a whole bunch of colors – one more way for your tween or teen to express himself.

The sturdy hooks are excellent for backpacks and sleepover bags. Plus, Pura bottles are also shatterproof!  Don’t worry if one falls out of the baby bag and hits the ground with a thud when you’re strapping baby into the car seat.

They Do Good

Pura bottles are good for the environment and for the family! My family loves the variety of sizes – perfect for toddlers and teens (and mom and dad, too!). There’s an insulated option for each size Pura bottle. Send your kids to school with hot chocolate (that stays hot!) on a cold winter morning. I like…no, I LOVE that any silicone lid fits on any Pura bottle no matter the size or shape. I’m not searching around the cabinet to find matching lids!

Pura bottles save my family money, too. On top of thinking about how gross plastic and disposable bottles get, I started to add up the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on bottles, lids, replacements, disposables, and accessories. And I have three kids! Just replace the silicone top instead of an entire bottle and lid and you’ll be using your Pura bottles for years. Pura are the only bottles in the world that are MadeSafe Certified™.

*This is a sponsored post.

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