Get it Together and Create Sibling Love & Harmony In Your Home


Sibling love

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Do your kids fight, gang up on each other, or compete over silly reasons? If so, your home must be chaotic, loud and stressful and it is time to stop the madness!  Here are 5 simple ideas for building sibling love and harmony just in time for Valentine’s Day.

GIT Tip #1: Police how your children speak to each other, they must watch their tone and words they use and definitely never put each other down. Would you choose a friend who was mean to you and want to hang out with them? No you would not!

GIT Tip #2: Get your gang to encourage and cheer each other on. If one of your kids does something great, catch the other child’s eyes and mouth “Yay” or use the thumbs up signal so they learn how to show support for one another. After awhile they will naturally do this on their own and happy creates more happy.

GIT Tip #3: Remind your children they are a team. If one is doing something and the other wants to see, they need to share the experience. Do not let your children keep secrets or hide from each other, the more time they spend together the more they will bond over common interests.

GIT Tip #4: Every night my 3 boys must find each other to give kisses and hugs before bedtime. Sure, sometimes the kisses are on the wrist or a hug is a semi pat, but, the boys showing affection and acknowledging each other keeps them bonded as brothers.

GIT Tip #5: Let your kids be alone without you. You’ll be surprised what they’ll do – read to each other, teach a card game or simply co-exist and if they start fighting your job is not to fix it, but, to mediate and help them negotiate peace. Remind your gang they will always have each other and they can never get rid of each other.

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