Get it Together in 2014!


GIT Tip #1:
Compile a list of what is working and what isn’t working in your life then start marinating over how things are going.

GIT Tip #2: Make a conscious decision to do more of what you want and less of what you don’t. The End.

GIT Tip #3: How about this simple idea? Say “Yes” to less. Don’t rush to commit to birthday party invites, after school activities, school commitments, PAUSE before responding. Who is running your show? You or your kids? Make it YOU!

GIT Tip #4: Let’s review your weekends, how many kids sports, activities and interests have you signed them up for? Is your child going to be in the NBA? If not, calm it down and make them choose what they truly love then drop the rest. Stop running around from thing to thing and make time to chill together on your weekends.

GIT Tip #5: Do something with your brain to feel fulfilled! Fulfill “you” so you’re less concerned about the daily tedium of raising kids. For example: “Oh no, Johnny didn’t eat any fruit today.” Guess what?! He is going to live. If you want to start something, but, think you don’t have the time, start with 5 minutes a day, then grow from there. If you want to do something new just start 1 part at a time and it’ll happen.
 I’m living proof!

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