How to Fix Infant Day/Night Confusion

Is your newborn baby confused and thinks he should be awake all night long, but, sleeps during the day? This is simply called day/night confusion. When babies are born they sleep more in the daytime than at night, but, you can fix this and you must do this before you can expect your baby to sleep through the night.

GIT Tip #1:

At daytime when baby is sleeping make his room super bright and be loud. Babies can sleep through anything and you want yours to so you don’t create the “ssshhh don’t wake the sleeping baby” syndrome and be tip-toeing around him.

GIT Tip #2:

Your newborn will be sleeping a lot during the day, but, an easy way to quickly make that happen at night instead is at daytime make his room bright, shades up, lights on, have TV or music playing, and even talk loudly when you’re in his room because even though he is sleeping his brain is still picking up on these environmental cues. He will slowly learn it’s daytime and want to stay awake and hang out with you and leave your alone at night!

GIT Tip #3:

At night keep baby’s room completely dark. Your baby will notice his room is bright during the day and dark at night and transition to normal sleep patterns within a month of being consistent with these strategies.

GIT Tip #4:

During middle of the night feedings keep the baby’s room dark, it’s okay to watch TV, just keep it quiet and don’t make eye contact with the baby or “play”. Stay aloof because you’re annoyed that you’re up at 2am. The goal is to teach baby that night time is not fun time (well until he’s 21 that is).

GIT Tip #5:

All of these tips need to be started day the first day you bring baby home. Be consistent because the sooner your baby realizes it’s night time the sooner he will sleep thru the night. My 3 babies and client’s babies often sleep through the night by 8 weeks. Be a proactive Mommy so you’re not a sleep deprived zombie!

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