How to Find Time to Exercise & Make It Count

Our countdown to Spring Break continues!  We’re committed to bringing you the best ways to plan, prepare, and pack for Spring Break 2015.  Last week we covered how to HANDLE SPRING BREAK VACATIONS WITH YOUR NANNY with fabulous tips from STROLLERS & STILETTOS.  This week we’re focusing on getting our bodies ready for a trip down south (and the swimwear that goes with it!).

For the best advice on how to maintain a consistent workout routine despite the demands of a busy schedule, we turned to Eirene Heidelberger, President & CEO of GIT MOM, a full service parent-coaching firm dedicated to helping moms (and dads) “get it together.”

Here’s what she had to say…

Tip #1: Compartmentalize your crazy, busy life.

I get it, you are busy, we are all flipping busy and your to-do list is long enough to circle the globe. So what?! We always have things to do; that’s a great thing because it means we are alive and have people who rely on us. Switch your thinking! When it’s time to hit the gym I like to talk to myself (in my head of course so I don’t outwardly appear looney) and say, “Just get out of the house and go to the gym; just go, everything that needs to be accomplished will get done after I work out.” And you know what? I am always right. Listen to me, I’m smart.

Tip #2: Tell yourself you deserve it.

Face it, nobody knows you better than you. You know your inner thighs are rubbing. You know you’re huffing and puffing going up the steps of your townhouse. You know you feel tired and are stressed by silly life stuff that used to roll off your back. Respect yourself and listen, darn it! Because you aren’t Gwyneth and can’t employ your own personal trainer to drag yourself out of bed; be your own cheerleader and hire her. Your cheerleader is your biggest fan and loves you most and wants the best for you. Listen to her because you deserve to have a body that’s strong and a peaceful mind. You deserve to have the body you want, get on it.

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Tip #3: Food.

Food glorious food. I love food. I love to eat and drink wine. Here’s the thing though, I make very smart decisions. For example, how are those salty onion rings going to make me feel when I wake up tomorrow morning? If they sound way too good and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a golden ring and I have PMS and absolutely must have the onion rings then I eat them. Otherwise, I focus on health eating. Lean proteins the size of my palm and lots of veggies and fruits. I know, I’m not telling you anything you haven’t heard before. Here’s the science, guys, 75% of what you eat affects how you look and feel. So, if you’re committing to exercise you better commit to your diet even more. Go to the grocery store, order meals from healthy providers (the juices from TRUE JUICE are amazing!), pre-plan your snacks and meals so you don’t become “hangry” and make a dumb food decision you’ll later regret and, always remember to ask yourself, “is the fettuccine alfredo really worth it?”

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Tip #4: Enlist a buddy.

As much as I love going to my favorite gym to work out by myself I have also started making regular gym dates with close girlfriends. It’s an easy way to check out all of the specialized studios that are popping up everywhere in Chicago and to connect with busy friends. We get to challenge ourselves and try a new work-out we otherwise wouldn’t because we feel embarrassed walking into the studio on our own AND we get caught up on life during the sweat session. When I hear about a new studio I’ll email a girlfriend I haven’t seen in awhile and say, “Let’s try this, what days work best for you?” You can even email me and I’ll meet you; let’s motivate each other!

Family at the BeachTip #5: When you work out make it count.

If you’re going to use precious minutes in your already jam-packed day to spend working out, the best way to get awesome results quickly is to really work hard. I’m not talking minor-heart-attack-I’m-now-injured hard; I’m talking a workout that is so engaging you can’t think about anything else besides what you’re doing. Get off your phone and quit the chit chat and wandering around aimlessly and really get after it. After the birth of my 3rd son I started incorporating HIIT (high-intensity interval training) cardio sessions into my workouts. These short, intense workouts will get you stronger, faster and who doesn’t want to be more efficient? I guarantee this type of exercise works because my jeans are 2 sizes smaller and I run 2/3 fewer miles per week, that’s a lot more time for watching TiVo! The added benefit of really challenging your body and mind is you’ll leave the gym feeling alive and at peace in your totally zany world.

The proof is in the picture, friends!  Eirene knows what she is talking about and we are so thrilled she agreed to share her tips with us.  Spring Break is calling…answer with a few great workouts before you go!

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