Christmas Toys: Tips When Choosing the Perfect Gifts

Christmas is indeed “the most wonderful time of the year,” especially for children who are looking forward to receiving gifts. You must be very excited to go gift shopping, too! Do you have a shopping list of the best toys for Christmas already? If not, then don’t worry as we will help you out. Check out the following tips when choosing gifts for children.

  1. Buy open-ended toys

Kids are natural builders and creators. You know how they love to take a toy apart, put it back together, and take it apart again. They also like toys that allow them to build and create things in many different ways. These toys are called “open-ended” toys and should be on top of your list when you’re buying Christmas gifts for children. Examples are molding clay, Lego, bricks and blocks, and paint and art sets. These toys encourage your kid’s creativity and imagination.

  1. Choose toys that will grow old with your kid

Parents are already familiar with the cycle of buying an expensive toy for their kids and then finding it in one corner of the room after a couple of days never to be touched again. This happens all the time; it’s like throwing money into the wind. Steer away from this direction by looking for Christmas toys that are useful through many developmental stages. For instance, small animal figures, toy trucks, musical instruments, and teepees can be enjoyed by toddlers and school-aged children.

  1. Select toys that aid in your child’s cognitive development

Toys shouldn’t just be about playtime for your kids; it should also serve as an avenue for them to learn and practice new skills. Toys that allow your kids to figure something out on their own can be great gifts. For instance, puzzles and shape sorters help develop your child’ logical thinking and problem-solving skills while playing.

  1. Give toys that encourage physical activity

Your kid is growing, which means he’ll be stronger and capable of doing more as he ages. As a parent, it’s your role to enhance your kid’s physical skills and help him develop new ones, too. You can start your search by looking for different-sized balls and pulling toys. Ride-on vehicles such as toy cars, tricycles, and scooters are excellent options, too. Sports toys such as a basketball, soccer ball, badminton set, and mini golf set are great gifts as well.

  1. Look for toys that can nurture cross-generational play

Almost all toys can be played by both kids and adults. Adults can always jump in and play with the little ones. If your kid is already three years old or older, board games can be very appealing. Because board games come in a wide variety, you can buy ones that don’t require reading but are still very fun to play. Other toys that both kids and adults will enjoy are Jenga, Bingo, inflatable bowling sets, and Lipless, just to name a few.

Playing with the family can enhance your kid’s communication and relationship-building skills. They will also learn how to healthily cope with losing and celebrate winning.

Other considerations when buying toys for children are their gender, age, and preferences. Apply the tips above so that, this Christmas, your child will receive a gift that keeps on giving.

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