7 Ways to Make Your House Look Professionally Cleaned

Are you like Monica from Friends, with an incessant need to keep everything sparkly clean? Cleaning is a joy with the right supplies but if you’re buying the cheapest quality cleaning materials around, you’re going to have a hard time making your house look as clean as you would like it. Getting organized and having

the right equipment is the difference between having a home that looks professionally cleaned rather than just clean enough. Here are 7 ways to make your house look professionally cleaned, with the help of the best vacuum for tile floors that you can afford.

Make Your Bed Every Day

Make it a routine to make your bed every day and you’ll be changing the world in no time. This simple task really makes a room look cleaner and if it’s the one thing that you straighten up on a daily basis, you’re well on your way to having a house that looks professionally cleaned. Now you just need to learn how to make a bed properly.

Do Simple Things Regularly

Instead of filling up your sink, put the dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher. Take out the trash when the bag is almost full – don’t wait for it to overflow. Throw dirty clothes in the hamper and avoid having socks all over the place. Small tasks like these take so little time but they add up to making a big difference.

Fluff Your Pillows

Hotels will never tell you this but the secret to having a professional looking hotel room and lounge is fluffing the pillows. Do this by hitting the pillow gently a few times and smoothing the pillow out from the center to the edges.

Clear Junk Off The Floor

Toys, magazines, newspapers, the dog’s tennis ball… anything on the tile floor presents an obstacle to your vacuum machine. Take the time to clear out the space where you will be vacuuming. Not only will you be making the job easier for your vacuum, but you’ll also be clearing clutter to get the room even cleaner!

Clear Out All The Things That You Don’t Need

Chances are that if you haven’t used something in the past year, you probably don’t need it. How about a good bout of spring cleaning? You can get your house looking clean and tidy, and make some money by selling the items that you no longer need.

Make Sure Everything Is Where It Belongs

People who have neat and organized homes easily find what they are looking for. Everything in its place, and a place for everything. This can be a difficult task to keep up, especially if there are younger children in the house. Make cleaning a fun activity by turning it into a game for the kids. Maybe they could even have a crack using your best vacuum for tile floors. Keep your house clean and stop wasting time and energy on a disorganized household.

Avoid Dirty Floors

The best way to avoid this is to have two welcome mats, one inside and one outside – a double welcome! By doing this, you’ll prevent the dirt and other debris from spreading throughout your beautiful home.

Liz is a part of the Content team at Best Vacuum Expert, sharing expert knowledge and best tips on how to have a clean house.

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