5 Ways to Stop Doing Everything in Your Home



GIT Tip #1:  If you’re thinking, “Man, I am so over doing XYZ” then stop! Take control of your life and home and decide things have got to change.  If you’re doing less dishes/laundry/serving then you’ll have more time for YOU!  The first step is to decide to make a conscious decision to change.

GIT Tip #2:  Be proactive with your spouse that the division of labor needs to change before you want to run away from home.  Don’t wait for your prince charming to rescue you, he may be charming, but, probably no prince so don’t play mind games, be straight forward and ask for what you need then come up with a new plan together.

GIT Tip #3:  Teach everyone in your home (mainly your partner) how you like things done, it’s not being a know-it-all it’s giving them wings to sail into the sunset doing stuff for you!  Don’t be a martyr and think “Well, nobody taught me how to run a successful home and I’ve had to figure it out through trial and error…” No!  Take a breath, take the extra time to explain how to do things around the house and you’ll end up giving yourself the gift of time.  Try it today!

GIT Tip #4:  As you’re thinking about your to-do list think about what you can shove off to those in your home.  Think to yourself, “Is it really necessary that I’m the one that treks to the store and buys XYZ or can it wait and someone else deals with it?  As you go along in your day keep a list of things you should not be bothering yourself with and when the time is right spring it on your spouse/sitter.  Be considerate of the timing though and give warning so it’s better received.  For example, “Hey dude, I’m going to need you to stop staring at your Mac and do stuff around the house this weekend.”  Be respectful of others time to get what you need done so you get to stare at the Mac too.

GIT Tip #5:  When others are manning up and doing things at home don’t micro-manage and critique.  Let it go and be appreciative you did less and they did more and however it happened is a beautiful thing.

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