5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You!



I often hear, “I have no idea what my child does at school, he doesn’t tell me anything.”  Enough!  Let’s fix that!

GIT Tip #1: First I want you to show your child your respect by really listening to him, put down your phone and stop texting, look him in the eyes, listen to him, hear what he is saying, then comment and voila! a connection is made.  Be present and receptive to your little dude.

GIT Tip #2: Read the mood your child is in.  Is he excited and awake or reserved and tired?  If he’s excited expect him to open up, if tired leave him be and don’t expect too much from him.  This will also prove you respect him.  Be patient because once he leaves his funk he may never shut up.

GIT Tip #3: Ask basic, open ended questions using eye contact, then stop talking and stare at your child.  This is a basic business negotiation strategy I use over and over.  You want to give your child “the floor” and time to formulate his answer and respond to you.  Pause!  Or, ask your question and give 2 answers they can choose from.  Maybe one is silly and so off base that your child will laugh and then answer you.

GIT Tip #4: “Date” your child for quality one on one time to bond.  Ideas for your date are going out to eat or whatever your family finds fun, maybe playing cards or bowling, or simply plan on having an unrushed bedtime and laying in bed talking together before lights out.

GIT Tip #5: Most importantly never let your child get away with ignoring you, get into their space, make a goofy face, or make up a ridiculous answer.  Your child ignoring you is a basic lack of respect, don’t let your child get away with that, keep on him.

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