5 Ways to Get Your Kids to be Responsible



GIT Tip #1:  A conscientious family decision needs to be made to change the whining, the spoiling and the lazies.  Parents are working more which leads to over compensating behavior and less consistency, but, it’s not too late to change everyone’s behavior.  Your first task!  Call a family meeting, spell out that things are going to change!

GIT Tip #2: Talk with your kids about what you expect them to remember.  Make a check list together or use a write on/wipe off board and have the kids write it so they take ownership.

GIT Tip #3:  Stop doing everything for your kids because you’ll end up doing everything for them and lose your mind.  Your goal is to create wings…They hang up their coats, clean their rooms, or throw their trash away.  Small tasks create responsibility and don’t give in and help, no way!

 GIT Tip #4:  Stop giving your children everything, start saying “No” and explain why and don’t back down.  If they really want something make “em earn it and stand behind the process! They will either go for it or let it go. If they earn it they’ll gain pride and a sense of accomplishment too.

 GIT Tip #5:  Let your kids take risks, lie back and allow them to figure out the world, then you get to do your own thing!


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