5 Ways to Carve Out “Me Time”




Everyone, especially moms talk about wanting “Me Time,” but, aren’t really sure how to carve it out.  As Moms we cater to our kids endless lists of needs and requests plus the house hold to-do list is never ending so we tend to put ourselves on the back burner and pretty much forget about taking care of us.  I want to give you simple tips to help you prioritize your needs.

 GIT Tip#1:

Recognize something in your life isn’t working and that you want to make a change and the change is to carve out me time.

GIT Tip#2:

Once you decide “I need time for me or I’m going to lose it” share your commitment to your friends and family so everyone is in the loop and they will hopefully help make you more accountable to YOU!

GIT Tip#3:

Schedule “Me Time” into your week, write it or type in it, plan it, then do it!

GIT Tip #4:

During “Me Time” you must compartmentalize!  Stay strong to the commitment you make to yourself and just say “No” to new requests for activities during your designated time.  The reality is you’re not the worst mother if you miss a school activity, but, you’ll be a cranky one if you don’t take time for yourself!  Stick to your guns and honor yourself and by all means do not start vacuuming when you’re supposed to be chilling.

GIT Tip #5:


  • Rise before your children to be alone with yourself!
  • Outsource errands, share dry cleaning duty with your neighbor.
  • Send all of  your kids out on 1 play date to empty your house.
  • Hire a mother’s helper, cheap labor!

Ask for help to create more time & less stress to be a happier and calmer mommy.  Mom time is crucial because it can be monotonous raising kids so take time away so you can return to mom mode refreshed.

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