5 Tips to Stand up to the “Joneses”



Let’s talk about keeping up with the Joneses.  Every child at some point will covet what a friend has and will say “Johnny has shoes I want, why can’t I have them too?”  Whine, whine, whine.

GIT Tip #1:  During the complaining and whining session listen to your child and show compassion and empathy.  Hear them out.  Then say, “I understand how much you love Johnny’s shoes, they are pretty cool.  It’s normal to like and want what your friend has.  I can understand why you feel this way.”

GIT Tip #2:  Moms!  Don’t gossip in front of your kids.  If you’re jealous of something a girlfriend owns or gets to do talk about it privately.  Otherwise your children will copy your behavior and feel the same insecurity and inferiority.

Here’s the true reality: You have no idea what’s going on in your friend’s life and really who cares, focus on you, good vibes always!

 GIT Tip #3:  When your child comments how his buddy is always getting new shoes and asks why can’t he also or even whines saying “I want to be in Johnny’s family, his is better.”

A short and sweet “Every family is different and this is how we do things in ours.”

Done.  Move on.  Distract by saying, “Oh, look at that bird over there.”

GIT Tip #4:  As Moms it’s our job to assure our children it isn’t what they own, but, the happiness they enjoy with their current toys, their friends, hobbies and sports.

If you’re giving your child positive reinforcements over what he does well by pointing out specifics vs. throwing a “Good job” with barely a glance at what your kid is doing you’re helping build your child’s confidence back bone.  He won’t get angry or frustrated over friend’s things because he’s content and happy in his own little world.

 GIT Tip #5:  If your kid is really “jonesin'” for some ridiculously expensive item, make him earn it! Trust me, if he really, really wants it he will go for it. Set up difficult tasks and chores that must be completed over time.  This way your child will either work hard for it because he really wants it or lose interest because it’s just not that important to him.

Soooo many benefits in not indulging every child’s want:

1. Non-spoiled children

2. Children who understand the value of a $

3. When children earn an item they enjoy it more

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