Stop Yelling at Your Kids! 5 Easy Tips


Stop Yelling at Your Kids


GIT Tip #1:  If you think you’re about to lose it or have already lost it and yelled, stop, drop and roll!  Just kidding.  I’m not kidding about the stop part.  Stop.  Just stop YELLING mid sentence.

Ask yourself, “WTF is my problem?  Why am I yelling?”

Check yourself before you wreck your kids.

Today’s takeaway is to just stop.

 GIT Tip #2:  You know how you discipline your kids?  Start with disciplining your tongue and bite it.  Simply control yourself and act professional.  Do you yell at your elders, your friends or professional contacts?

If so, you really have issues.

GIT Tip #3:  Often when a parent yells at her child it’s not because the child is being bad it’s because something in the MOM’s life is bothering her and she’s letting it control all of her emotions.

Get in tune with your brain and determine what is bothering you and deal with it.  Deal with it!

Stop taking out your personal frustrations on your kids.

GIT Tip #4:  Do you have a parenting moment that triggers you and you just haul off and start yelling?

Do you find you’re consistently frustrated with the same dumb thing your kid is doing?  If so, you can control this!

It’s time to switch up how you’re directing your child in their day because how the two of you are living together is not working.  Make a change in your routine mama to GET IT TOGETHER!

GIT Tip #5:  Your yelling may be as simple as you’re trying to do way too much with your gang in a finite amount of time.  You get stressed out because you’re racing, sweating and your kids are annoying so you lose it.

Stop racing around like a looney tune.  Is this how you want to live your parenting days?  And have you looked at yourself lately?  I bet you look like a frazzled freak too.

Calm your schedule and you’ll stop yelling.

P.S. If you reserve yelling for an important matter I promise that your kids will listen up because they’re not desensitized to

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