5 Tips to Help You Really Listen to Your Kids



Let’s talk about how to slow down, slow your roll and really listen to your kids.

 GIT Tip #1: Allow me to set the scene for you…your kids are yammering, blah blah blah, and you want to flee, don’t!  Cement your feet, make eye contact and breathe through the pain, engage your child with a comment then slowly creep away….

GIT Tip #2: To help you listen better to your children finish what YOU are doing so you’re ready for the gibberish your kid is about to share with you.  Plus this shows your time is valuable and the world doesn’t revolve around your child’s needs. I’m here to tell you that you’re a person too!

GIT Tip #3:  If your kid is totally super boring go to your happy place…yet keep eye contact, add in “uh-huh,” and “mmmmm,” stuff like that because it’s just not necessary to be present 100% of the time.

GIT Tip #4:  Try to connect on interests you enjoy to strengthen your bond and make the parenting experience painless.  Then you’ll get to talk about things that you want to talk about.

GIT Tip #5:  Be kind to yourself if you didn’t listen and miss something your child said, “Oh well!”  You do not need to be perfect.   Your child and family will live.  You’ll have endless chances to be an awesome parent as well as to suck.






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