5 Tips for Getting Back to School



Are you ready for Back to School?! How is it going so far? Well, I know you are ready to get the kids out of your face, but, are you really prepared to make this year the calmest and easiest for you and your family? Let’s work on it this week!

GIT Tip #1:  Get your morning routine right. Write down what is a doable time schedule to accomplish leaving on time then make a chart per child WITH your child. Remember the more your child is in charge of the less you will have to do. Think this through with your child at dinner today.

GIT Tip #2:  Now that your kids know what is expected of them every morning, it’s your turn to get yourself together every school night, lay out the kids clothes, have a breakfast plan, have pack lunches started, school notes filled out…The more you do at night the less overwhelmed you’ll feel when you’re half awake in the morning,

GIT Tip #3:   Take a look at your schedule and decide which days you’re going to run errands, which days to be home to get caught up on life and also when you can see girlfriends. If you’re consistent with your days you’ll be more efficient with getting stuff done because you’ll be running around less & have more free time for wine and tv! Or, whatever it is you love to do.

GIT Tip #4:  Get your after school schedule figured out, which kid is going where, when & how…A common theme I see is hassled Moms saying “Yes” to every child activity & play date and the moms end up freaking out. Limit your child’s activities to 2 favorites and pick days where you’re home right after school, the kids need it and you deserve a break from running around.

GIT Tip #5:  Get your weekends together and stop running around so much. Be more choosy about kids activities, give them down time at home which really gives you a break and time to get yourself together because that’s what it’s all about. I’m being serious! If you find you’re exhausted and hating your family by Sunday you’ve over extended and you’ll go into the school week a wreck.

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