5 Tips to Get Your Diet Back on Track



I hope everyone with diet and exercise New Years resolutions are still on track maintaining their goals, but, for those, like me who make diet/exercise a daily part of our lives naturally, but, go off the rails occasionally, these GIT Tips are for you!

In no way am I a certified fitness expert, but, I have more muscles at age 43, am 2 jeans sizes post 3 kids and am injury free so I have all of those facts going for me!

GIT Tip #1:
 I love to travel, workout and eat, A LOT, but, I don’t workout when I travel 
So! I allow myself to enjoy the break from my routine and eat, I enjoy, I don’t have guilt, I yolo it!  I do drink lots of lemon water with my food whether I’m away or at home.

GIT Tip #2:  
Choose an end point to stop going food crazy and to calm it down, maybe it’s a certain occasion, say your 10 year olds birthday party, after a vacation or after you indulge in your favorite food.  Savor the yummy food then stop the junk!

GIT Tip #3:  
Have a reason or a goal for why you’re going to back away from the food truck…Maybe it’s because you feel sluggish from eating junk food, you feel moody, poochy, mushy, your face has grown a pillow for your chin or you need to fit into a swimsuit and not disgust the world and yourself.  Whatever your motivation is to stop the madness lock it in your brain and remember it when you feel like saddling up to the food truck again.

GIT Tip #4:  Balance!  Your brain won’t let you ignore carbs or exist on juice cleanses, it is not how our bodies were meant to function  If you know you just ordered 2 chocolate cakes for a birthday party you might say to yourself, “Ok, I’m going to work-out extra so I can enjoy myself and not feel guilt.”  Your body does everything for you, don’t slap it in the face by skipping a food group and depriving yourself for some mmm mmm good.

GIT Tip #5:  Be honest with yourself about what works for you, be consistent and then just do it!





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