5 Tips to Get Your Baby to Sleep!

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GIT Tip #1:

Swaddle!  Learn how to do this and how to be stealth under the most stressful of situations….your baby has been crying for hours or you haven’t slept in days.

You have to swaddle every time you prepare your baby for sleep.  It’s the first cue to kick off slumber.  You must be consistent when teaching your baby how to sleep well!


The very first time and every time you put your baby to sleep he must have a blankie.  The blankie is only for sleeping in his crib.  I do not want to see him carrying that ratty thing around at Target.  Even as an infant he will recognize that it’s with him only in his bed and will associate the color and texture with a very good place: sleep and his bed!  Again, be consistent and before you know it he will turn  1  and when you say “blankie” he will run to his crib and actually want to get into it.  As you’re swaddling your newborn tuck the blankie in with him and make sure that everyone on his caregiver team is doing the same!


Turn this annoying thing on every time you put your baby to sleep because it simulates sounds from the womb.  Again, when used consistently your baby will understand you’re getting him ready to sleep.


Yes, that’s right, I want you to buy an ugly, plastic, primary colored aquarium for your baby’s crib.  I know, it’s going to kill that beautiful nursery vibe you’ve designed, but, it’s a life saver once your baby turns 6 months and he learns how to push the buttons himself to stay entertained in bed longer and not annoying you.  As soon as you pop him in his crib swaddled hit the button.  Remember it’s all about setting the sleep environment routine up and teaching your baby it’s time to sleep.

GIT Tip #5:

Always lay your baby down drowsy, not fully asleep.  The easiest way to Get It Together after having a baby is sleep.  When you teach your baby how to self-soothe to sleep so will you.  It’s totally legal in the GIT rule book to swaddle your baby then walk him around until his eyes are half closed.  Then you want to lay him down so he sees his crib.  You’re doing this so when he wakes up during his sleep (babies do that all of the time) he isn’t freaked out about how he got there.  The younger a baby is the easier it is to set the right sleep skills.  You do not want your child to be the loser kid who isn’t invited over for sleepovers because he is a bad sleeper.


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