Fix Your Kid’s Naughty Behavior


Need straight forward tips to fix your kids behavior after a trip away?  Maybe Mommy is back from a girl’s trip, or your child has just returned from a weekend with Grandparents or home from summer camp.  Whatever the case may be try these 5 tips!

GIT Tip #1:  The first day you are reunited shower your child with love, affection and a special treat! Be patient and be present. The hammer comes day 2!

GIT Tip #2:  
After you’ve showered the returnee with love and affection reinstitue the child’s schedule starting day 2. Re-establish his eating and sleeping schedule and stay consistent with a hard core routine for 3 days. Children thrive on routine and the stronger the routine the more they know what to expect from their day and the less meltdowns you have to deal with!!! No thank you baby criers.

GIT Tip #3:  When your children are out of your reach they are going to pick up on others bad behaviors SO you need to be on them asap and correct the naughty words that they travel home with and the tone they’re using. My older two returned home after being gone for 5 days and I corrected any language I didn’t like with a short & sweet “We don’t say that in our family.” You need to be on them like white on rice.

GIT Tip #4: 
Choose your battles when fixing naughtiness. You can’t control everything that your kids do or say so concentrate on the really not cool things they’re doing and bite your tongue and discipline yourself and let the minor things go. The first day of re-entry will be the toughest and then every day will get smoother.

GIT Tip #5: 
Be consistent!  The sooner you reign in naughty behavior because you’re consistent in your message the sooner your harmonious home will return to you. Who doesn’t want a zen family?

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