5 Tips to Feel Human with a Newborn


So you’ve had a baby and you’re exhausted, flabby, bleeding, having night sweats and feeling pretty over whelmed, enough, it is time to GET IT TOGETHER!

My 5 simple tips for feeling human with a newborn:

GIT Tip #1:  

Feed yourself first then your baby!  You can chug soup for quick energy and keep a plate of fresh fruits and vegetables out.  You have got to stay on top of your hunger before your eating spirals out of control.  Keep yourself from feeling hungry.  (Angry when hungry)

GIT Tip #2:

Throw your baby at your partner! Not literally, but, do not be a martyr and think you need to be everything to your baby. You will not survive if you do. Your husband will probably be afraid of the baby, this parenting stuff isn’t natural to men, but, make it happen for your sanity by standing back and letting the two of them be. Your child has 2 parents with 2 different styles and he needs to learn from both of you. Women are innately smoother at all of this mothering stuff, but, it’s super important that you set the tone of getting away from your baby, leaving the two of them alone and not micro-managing the situation!

GIT Tip #3:

Before your partner leaves for the day and you’re left at home all alone with your newborn have him take care of the baby so you can take care of YOU.  Brush your teeth, shower, put on something clean then feed yourself a healthy and filling breakfast.  Unfortunately this may be the last time you look in the mirror and are alone so use your time wisely to make yourself feel better.

GIT Tip #4:

As soon as you’re dressed and baby is fed get out of your house and move your body. Even a quick walk to Starbucks will get your mind off of the dumb night you just experienced not getting any sleep. You must exit your 4 walls to get fresh air and see new faces and think about something besides your newborn.

GIT Tip #5:

Make a plan to escape your house alone to get off Mommy island!  You cannot be a happy and functioning person on little to no sleep while you’re doing everything for your baby.  Make plans for a manicure, highlights or just go to Starbucks and flip through a magazine.  When you have plans to get away it helps you focus when all you want to do is cry with your baby.  Right now it’s all about survival.

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