5 Tips to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem



Let’s talk about how to build your child’s self-esteem.  At GIT Mom we are all about raising confident children so very little rocks their worlds.  If your child is mentally strong and secure that’s his armor against difficult situations, bullies and is the confidence booster to help him navigate his own life.

Poor self-esteem leads to behavioral issues and you know what Moms?  Those are exhausting to manage and fix.  So be a proactive parent and set your child on the right path towards confidence.

 GIT Tip #1:  Create a safe haven in your home.  Have a consistent schedule that your family follows on a daily basis so your children know what to expect and when.  Yes, you will feel like every day is ground hog’s day, but, you’re creating a stable backbone that children crave to make them feel safe.

GIT Tip #2:  Challenge your child with situations that are appropriate for his age and maturity level.  Pause!  Don’t rush in to rescue him, give gentle guidance and encouragement so he has a chance to use his skills to figure out how to do things on his own.

Don’t become a freaky cheerleader mommy though because that’s annoying and weird.

It’s up to you to recognize when he’s ready for new challenges and then to provide them.

It’s up to you to encourage him to grow.

Because when he’s a just a little out of his comfort zone and succeeds that’s when his self-esteem grows!

GIT Tip #3:  Make your child feel like he matters to you and within the family unit.  Acknowledge your child with strong eye contact and basic chit chat.  You don’t need to discuss War & Peace.  Simply talking with your child about basic things throughout the day makes your child have a strong sense of self.

GIT Tip #4:  STOP saying “Good job!” to your child in response to everything he does in life.  Life is not a box of chocolates.

Instead, point out specifics of what your child did well:

Hey kid!  You did a nice job putting your school things away.

Johnny!  I liked how you practiced your brother’s spelling words with him.

Hey dope!  Way to stay focused on that violin piece.

Plus, your encouraging words set a positive tone in your home and prove you’re paying attention to what your child is doing even if you want to scream while they’re practicing the violin.

GIT Tip #5:  Be a positive self-esteem role model!  Stop saying negative things about yourself in front of your kids, just zip it.

You have 2 choices:

1. Build yourself up

2. Or shut up

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