5 Swift Ways to Deal with Your Kid’s Corrupt Friends




This week I’m going to be tackling the corrupting effects of naughty kids that your children come into contact with.  Peer influence is powerful in childhood when little ones’ values are being formed.  After age 14 kids are able to resist peer pressure so your parenting job is to teach your kids when they’re young how to deal with less than awesome people NOW to make smart choices later.

GIT Tip #1:  If your child’s friend is visiting your home and back talks or uses swear words, it’s okay to say, “We do not use those words in our home and family.”  Say it confidently and don’t feel badly about saying it.  You can even tattle tale to the kid’s mom.

If it’s your child picking up on the corrupt behavior, again, a swift:

“You do not use that word here.”

“Do not use that tone to me.”

“That is not acceptable.”

It’s all in how you deliver your guidance, strong eye contact and an immediate strong response. Then turn around and crack up.

GIT Tip #2:  Anyone out there with children talking about sex or sharing what their friends tell them about sex such as, “Johnny told me girls have penis’?”

Deal with it!  “Tell me what you know because you may be missing some of the facts.”  Then, share age appropriate information.

Lastly, cringe in horror, privately.

GIT Tip #3:  Is your child hanging out with the “crazy kid” in class? If so, guide your child to listen to his inner voice about what is appropriate behavior and what isn’t. Make it painfully obvious he doesn’t have to listen or follow his friend’s direction, but, do it in a subtle way so you don’t create your own rebel.

GIT Tip #4:  Let’s talk about the kid who whines or complains or even throws temper tantrums when under your care…First off, think to yourself, “What is wrong with this kid and what IS his problem?”  Then think, “Never again with me buddy.”

But, in the heat of the bad behavior stay strong with how you parent your sweet beasts and don’t give in to the child.  If a tantrum is happening get your kids away from the scene to remove that child’s power that he thinks he has by acting out.  Then tell his mommy on him.

GIT Tip #5:  The LIAR kid. When the liar kid tells lies to your kid whom then repeats to you, do this:

1. Stay calm while listening

2. Don’t interrupt the story because you want to know everything

3. Be non-judgmental

4. Be straight up with your child that Johnny told him wrong information

5. Don’t turn it into a big thing

6. Have stricter rules about spending time with liar kid

Surround your kids with good influencers whom bring out the best in them vs. questionable corrupt ones.

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