If there’s anything all moms need, it’s a cheerleader! Someone to help them Get It Together when family life feels more like family strife! Meet Eirene – a full-time mom cheerleader! As a nationally renowned parenting coach, Eirene works with moms all around the country and teaches them how to rock motherhood with ease and humor. Tune in to the podcast to hear from every kind of mom about every kind of parenting challenge, (and if you were wondering, yes, even celebrity moms are just like us!).

Podcast guests – from famous moms to stay-at-home moms – will share all about their stumbles and successes in a no-holds-barred conversation about parenthood. In her signature straight-shooting style, Eirene will share loads of tips and tricks for mastering being a mama and creating a happy, thriving family.  Expect to laugh, to cry, and to be entertained on your path to putting the “me” back in “mom-me!”

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