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Helping Moms get it together!

By incorporating the GIT Mom program into your family routine, you will develop the skills to:

  • Help your children wake up happy and well rested
  • Give your children a schedule that best fits your family’s needs
  • Guide your children’s good behavior
  • Discipline your children most effectively
  • Get your children to listen and respect you and
  • Teach your children self-esteem and confidence

We will help you get it together to be a confident, successful parent and teach you how to create that ever-so-important “happy mommy time” for yourself.

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eirene heidelbergerEirene Heidelberger is a certified parent coach with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the President & CEO of GIT Mom, a full service parent coaching firm dedicated to helping Moms “get it together”.  The GIT Mom system is the only system that focuses on the “mom”, rather than the kids, allowing Moms to give their children the parenting they need so they have time to do the activities they most enjoy! GIT Mom will teach you how to parent more efficiently so that you have more “me” time.

The journey to becoming GIT Mom was not a simple one. Eirene’s oldest son, Cole, was not an easy baby. As a clueless first-time mom, Eirene was anxious and stressed and she missed her pre-baby life. “I had a pit in my stomach until my first son was 6 months old. During that time, I was constantly worried about him and knew I wasn’t handling motherhood well. While I wish that I had the skills right off the bat to properly sleep train him, get him on a schedule, and hire a babysitter without feeling guilty, I recognize that going through that brutal learning process is what made me the knowledgeable and confident GIT Mom that I am today.”

When Cole was 9 months old, Eirene committed to doing things differently.  She learned to compartmentalize Cole’s crying and her irrational need to “do it all”.  She perfected a sleep schedule and carved out personal time in her weekly schedule. These small adjustments were just the seeds of the GIT Mom system, which now is being used full-time by moms around the country.  Today, Eirene assists moms with every type of parenting issue, such as sleep training, scheduling and positive behavior, all with the ultimate goal of returning mom back to her formal pre-child self.

In addition to running GIT Mom, Eirene is happily married and has three young boys. With the GIT Mom system in full effect, she gets stopped on the street daily with compliments on her children’s respectful behavior.  As a GIT Mom, Eirene has plenty of family time, but still gets her work-out in, drinks her beloved wine and watches plenty of TiVo.


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Get it Together Mom Services

Eirene visits families in their homes and provides real-life, hands-on support and instruction for any parenting issue a family is experiencing. No challenge is too large or too small. You don’t want to wait while an issue spirals out of control and becomes a lifelong habit that hurts your family. Be proactive and take the time to fix your family and have a calm and happy home!

“The Baby’s Coming!” Preparation

  • GIT Mom makes sure you know what to expect during your delivery and hospital stay and that you have everything you need to welcome your baby home.
  • First days with the baby-GIT mom prepares you for what to expect during the first days at home with your baby.
  • Baby’s first month-GIT Mom coaches you through baby’s first month by supporting you through all the milestones and challenges (and joys!) you can expect and most importantly helping you get your brain and body together!

More Services

  • Sleep Train (As early as 8 weeks)
  • Get baby on a schedule
  • Guide your child’s good behavior
  • Teach your child positive discipline (Age 2+)
  • Get your child to listen to you
  • Get your child to respect you
  • Teach your child self-esteem and confidence
  • Potty Training
  • Preschool prep
  • Get to have Mommy time
  • Get Mommy happy and the family too!



The majority of our clients begin with one of our packages.

All of the packages contain what you need to survive having a baby and to feel confident and successful in your new family dynamic. You choose which package best fits your family’s needs. Contact us now for more details and pricing on packages or a la carte services.

GIT 365

Baby Prep program and support through the entire first year of baby’s life, which includes monthly home visits to provide guidance for the next month’s challenges and email access to Eirene for the year.

GIT 180

Baby Prep program and support through the first 6 months of baby’s life, which includes monthly home visits to provide guidance for the next month’s challenges and email access to Eirene for 6 months.

GIT 90

Baby Prep program and support through the first 3 months of baby’s life, which includes monthly home visits to provide guidance for the next month’s challenges and email access to Eirene for 3 months.

GIT a tune up

Eirene assists families with specific issues for infants to 10 year olds.

Online support session via Skype.  Work with Eirene to troubleshoot specific challenges you are having with your children (ages 10 and younger).

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Events & News

 Please check often for future events!

girlsnightgraphic Invite GIT Mom over for a girls’ night in to drink wine and talk about parenting with your best girlfriends! GIT Mom will provide real-life, simple tools and solutions to any issues your group is facing, and you’ll laugh in the process! Go home feeling more confident in your parenting skills and happy about your life!

Featured on SmartMom.co

Eirene Heidelberger was recently featured in an interview on SmartMom.co, to read the full interview please click here or on the image below. eirene1 Smartmom Interview

Featured in Chicago Parent


Testimonials and Reviews

Date Published: 01/10/2013
For nearly nine years, Eirene has been my 'go-to' mom. She is supportive, understanding, and always there with a bagful of helpful advice. Over the years, I've tapped her for help with everything from how to make and keep a sleep schedule (for every one of my three children), to real ideas about discipline, and practical ways to tackle my to-do list--which includes that ever elusive 'me time.' I really enjoy spending time with Eirene and her boys. Whether we're at a restaurant, a museum, or just hanging out, I can see her loving and straightforward approach to parenting come to life in her kids. She's an amazing resource for me who really has got it together.
5 / 5 stars

Date Published: 01/10/2013
As a new parent I was literally a lost cause. I had no idea what to do or where to go for help. I found GIT and Eirene and she gave me tools to become a happy and productive parent with happy and respectful children and a life!!!!
5 / 5 stars

Date Published: 12/16/2012
GITmom has taught me the confidence I need as a new mom. I've learned to handle the craziness of caring for a newborn while staying committed to a strong relationship with my husband and making the necessary time for myself. With GITmom's help I found myself feeling great just weeks into life with my first son, Jackson. Jackson is happy and healthy, my body is bouncing back to normal, my confidence level is high and my husband and I have even snuck out for a welcome date night!
5 / 5 stars

Date Published: 01/06/2013
Eirene has provided me endless no nonsense, easy to understand parenting tips, but, most importantly, she has kept me sane, made me feel I would survive life with twins, and has given me laughs and support as I adjust to my new baby life. Thanks, Eirene!
5 / 5 stars


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