eirene git mom picsEirene Heidelberger is the founder, president and CEO of GITMom, a full service parent coaching and advice company, that empowers Moms and ultimately enables them to “Get it Together”. Eirene is a mom to 3 young boys, and has provided them with a solid upbringing that draws compliments from friends and strangers alike, and now she shares her experience and knowledge with new, and existing Moms and Mothers to be!


fox-chicagoGITMom is and has been featured on Fox News Chicago – see our media page for more information, and visit our blog for tips, and effective parenting techniques; which include “parenting without the power struggles” – one of many areas that parents battle with on an ongoing basis. Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates, and stay in touch with Eirene on the social platforms!


Eirene can be contacted via our Contact Form and GITMom offers a range of different packages and services to suit you and your child’s or children’s needs.