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  Who needs help Getting it Together???  I mean, really, who doesn’t!?  Let’s talk about how to Get it Together 1 day at a time

5 Ways to Get Your Kids to be Responsible

  GIT Tip #1:  A conscientious family decision needs to be made to change the whining, the spoiling and the lazies.  Parents are working more

Get it Together in 2014!

GIT Tip #1: Compile a list of what is working and what isn’t working in your life then start marinating over how things are going.

Fix Your Kid’s Naughty Behavior

Need straight forward tips to fix your kids behavior after a trip away?  Maybe Mommy is back from a girl’s trip, or your child has

5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You!

  I often hear, “I have no idea what my child does at school, he doesn’t tell me anything.”  Enough!  Let’s fix that! GIT Tip

Get the Git Mom Gram

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